The history of the estate is being developed and we certainly will lead us to change and embellish it.

Charlemagne 769

In 769, While Charlemagne started his reconquest of Aquitanian, he decided to establish a fortified camp close to the hillock, “Campus Francorum”. This oppidum which will become Fronsac ...
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René Mortier Quarré 1900 - 1925

René Mortier Quarré who owned the estate at the beginning of the 20 century had the brilliant idea of ageing the wine in barrels in the underground quarries dug during the 18th century...
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Jean Balluteaud 1925 - 1960

In 1925, Mr Balluteaud purchased the estate and decided to open the underground caves to the visitors and tell them about the optical condition to store the wine...
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Jacques Borie 1960 - 1994

Starting from the 60s, Jacques Borie focused on the vineyard and enlarged it to 45 hectares which made the property the largest of the appellation. ...
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Jean Leprince 1994 - 2003

he was also the executive director of the Pinault Group from 1972 to 1988. Starting from 1994, Jean Leprince was particulrary well known for his wine trade activity in Bordeaux....
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James Grégoire 2003 - 2013

James Gregoire, who fell under the spell of the estate many years before, bought the Château De La Rivière in 2003. His ambition was to perpetuate the quality and reputation of the wine...
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Bolian Group since end of 2013

Since the end of 2013, Chateau de La Rivière is part of the Bolian Group which is specialized in luxury hotels and tea production in the Yunnan province...
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