45 MINUTES - Will you have enough time?


In teams, preferably of "close-knit" people, you will enter the cellars of Château de La Rivière, dug out between 1840 and 1890 to extract limestone for the construction of buildings, notably the facade of the Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux; these cellars now house one of the treasures of our wine estate: our stock of wines ... more than 600,000 bottles lie dormant here, waiting to be sold throughout the world.

You will be taken to a part of this large cellar of 8 hectares (linear equivalent of 25 kilometres) and once in this area, you will find yourself in complete darkness...

The aim of the game? Simply... find THE RIGHT exit... and get out as a complete team in 45 minutes maximum. But to do this, you'll have to solve riddles and find the code of the padlock that 5 riddles will allow you to solve and thus get the key that opens THE door ...

5 riddles = 5 letters to put in the right order.

Beware of the cold which could destroy your thinking, the humidity which will make you feverish, the darkness which will give you hallucinations... the strange noises of the slowly ageing wines and the barrels... The occupants of the cellars will not be there to help you... because they have been hiding in the depths of their tomb... for such a long time... Deliver THE key left in the cell of an ex-prisoner who is still wandering around in the cellars and run towards THE exit that you think is the right one.

Thanks to the clues left here and there in the cellars, thanks to your logic, thanks to your audacity or maybe just by... luck... try to get out and see daylight again... If not...

After 45 minutes, the game will be over... you will have lost. Out before?
Good... If not, goodbye and see you tomorrow... or forever...


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Escape Game (+ Free tasting) : 

  • from 5 to 8 people => 25€ / people
  • from 8 to 10 people => 22€ / people

Minimum 5 personnMinimum 5 people per session

video produced by the team of Gentside et l'Apéro

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