Une équipe

de passionné(e)s

Passionnés les uns et les autres, nous unissons nos compétences pour produire le meilleur vin possible chaque année.

Xavier BUFFO

Executive Director :

He has been working at the Château De La Rivière since 1997. Xavier is definitely the soul of the estate. He has worked with Jean Leprince and Xavier Péneau, the Gregroire family, and for Ms. Lau from the Bolian group since 2012.

Agricultural engineer and oenologist, he started as a cellar master, then technical manager and now manages passionately the whole property as a wise family man. He is determined to make the Château de La Rivière the backbone of the appellation.


Technical Manager :

An agricultural engineer and oenologist by training, with 25 years' experience in prestigious Médoc estates, Thomas joined the Château de La Rivière team with the main objective of improving the quality of the wines.

This quest for quality has been the basis of our commitment for over 20 years now at La Rivière. Together, and surrounded by the estate's teams, we will continue along this path of excellence..

Claude GROS

Oenologist Consultant

Claude Gros has been working in many countries, he is discreet but frighteningly efficient. Some people thinks he is a chameleon consultant. He knows exactly how to hide and fit to the different terroir and region. He has been working for the Château de La Rivière since 2007.

He is not only an oenologist consultant but also a winemaker for the very well-known Château La Négly in the Languedoc region.

Xiaochen McGinley

Sales Assistant

Xiaochen is a key part of the commercial side with all the management and administration of sales, as well as logistics. She is the link between the suppliers and our professional customers and is under the supervision of Virginie who has been in this position for many years.

She is also an important link with the group in China and our translator. With her experience, she is also committed to the wine tourism part and will be a perfect host for the Pu'er Teas tasting.


N° 299 Hongxinghai B, Dalian Economic & Technological Development Zone Industrial Park, Liaoning , China.

Marie Rollet

Winetourism and Events Manager

After working in prestigious estates such as Saint-Emilion Grand Cru and Saint-Julien and completing a Master's degree in luxury brand management for wine and food, Marie first travelled to China to perfect the culture and language she learned at the University of Bordeaux.

Her mission is to supervise wine tourism and to develop our attractions with local and national influencers in order to make this magnificent property accessible to the greatest number of visitors every day. (20,000 people in 2019).

Pauline VAUBAN

Winetourism and wineshop

"To have and to give a smile" could be a summary of Pauline whose experience in an NGO has continued to forge her determination. After two years in a beautiful wine estate in the Blayais region, she will take up again in March 2019, the transmission of her passion through the visits of the Château de La Rivière while also taking care of the sale of wines in the château's shop.

With a degree in Applied Foreign Languages, she will be able to guide you in French, English or Spanish, through the immense cellars of 8 hectares, and tell you the history of a property whose first traces date back to the 8th century.

Nathalie MAIRE

Bed & Breakfast and receptive Manager

Nathalie takes care of all the receptive part, Bed and Breakfast, seminars, lunches...: she is the steward of the castle.

She organises for you all year round the events you wish for a moment, a stay in the heart of a charming vineyard with a breathtaking view of the Dordogne Valley and the River which flows, sinuous, with changing colours according to the tides, the tidal bore and the seasons.

It will make your stay an enchantment by the quality of its services and the services offered by our establishment.